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A Church
for the Community

At Tujunga United Methodist Church, we believe in creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels at home, embraced by God’s love and the warmth of our fellowship.

We're dedicated to extending love to the people of Sunland-Tujunga and embodying Christ's hope and hospitality to those in need.


How We Started

Tujunga United Methodist Church was started in 1914 by a small group of people who recognized the need for a Jesus-centered community in the new village of Little Lands, now known as Tujunga.

Over the years, the church grew and established itself as a pillar for the community, providing a space for locals to worship God and engage to do life together with other followers of Jesus.

In 1981, the church established the Bailey Center as an outreach arm of TUMC to provide food and other necessities for those who did not have adequate resources.

Today, TUMC is in a season of transformation. We recognize the need to reinvent ourselves as a church to have a greater reach in the city and meet the needs of our local community more effectively.

We are committed to loving the people of Sunland-Tujunga and seek to be Christ's hope and hospitality to those who are in need.

What to Expect

For those of you who are interested in checking us out, we encourage you to come as you are. If you want to come in a suit and tie, by all means, come in your Sunday's best! If you're more of the casual type who wants to come to church wearing a tank top and flip flops, this is also the church for you. Our members come to worship in both formal and informal attire. Just don't wear a T-Shirt that has racist or sexist messaging on it or the pastor might change into some WWE wrestling gear and challenge you to a fight.

Now, when you come in, you'll notice that the congregation is kind of on the older side (well, to be honest, a lot on the older side). Don't be intimidated! They are friendly and are ready with open arms to serve as adopted grandparents to you. They'll bake you cookies, teach you how to fix things around the house, and even perter you with unsolicited life advise. And of course, you can let it go in one ear and out the other :).


All in all, these old folks are here to support you in your journey wherever you are, and are hoping that more young people come in to eventually take over leadership of the church and transform the church into something super creative and amazing.

Meet the Team

Kevin Kang


Marcie Smith

Office Manager

Ilia Tosheff


The Bailey Center

The Bailey Human Care Center is a free community outreach program of the Tujunga United Methodist Church, that has been providing services to the local community since 1981. It is an entirely volunteer run organization that serves over 200 needy families and individuals a week.

Our mission is to offer compassionate support and essential resources to those in need within our community. By addressing immediate needs and providing long-term support, we strive to improve the quality of life for all our neighbors.

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